Campervan Builder Links

Useful links for motorhome and campervan self-builders.

Build a Wild, Festival Camper in Just a Few Days!  Learn how to convert any van into a go anywhere, wild, festival camper.  This book is different to other campervan conversion guides because unlike other books on the subject it doesn’t expect its readers to become a master carpenter overnight, or to have specialist knowledge or tools. The idea is for readers to be able to convert any make of van to a basic, wild campervan with a minimum of expense and fuss.

Do Your Own Caravan or Motohome Habitation Check.  Habitation checks are not a legal requirement and do not need to be carried out by a company. The checks are performed mainly for motorhome, campervan and caravan owners peace of mind and also to spot problems (and potential problems) early so as to prevent costly repair bills. Therefore, by using this book as guidance, it is possible for owners to carry out their own detailed habitation checks saving money year after year!

Self-Build Campervan / Motorhome parts and advice. The idea of this Web site is to help those who are either starting a self-build camper van or motor home project, renovating a camper van or motor caravan or simply making repairs to their 'vans. Not only is there an abundance of free info which has been put together by NCC (National Caravan Council) qualified technicians there's also some superbly priced, top quality campervan parts to help you evolve your DIY project from just an idea to full-on reality!